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And A Doctor In A Pear Tree - Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star! (Part 5)


We made it through half of the shrine visits, meeting our feathered friends in decidedly featherless forms. Still four to go, so let's start strong with partner number 5 – Yuuya.

He hasn't been visiting school much since last semester (I.E. when Shuu caught him snooping around the desk), so this is Hiyoko's first chance to get hold of him. She writes it off as job-hunting, in a classic example of her hunter-gatherer sense being entirely useless.

How could she turn him down? I mean, texting with a wing is probably really freaking hard. He deserves something for the sheer effort, at least.

It would have made my day if he was wearing the anti-personnel rifle, but you can't have everything.

oh christ he's contagious

Yuuya: “Sorry to keep you waiting, Hiyoko.”

On that note, please ignore the blaring sirens coming from the other side of the city.

Hiyoko apologises for pushing Yuuya so hard about the visit, but Yuuya shushes her with the usual spiel about how being around her makes time pass at the speed of light or whatever. He leads her off to the shrine before she can complain any more.

There was a sniper on the roof. It was for your own good, Hiyoko.

I'd say it's been about a year since your last visit.

The shrine's pretty empty, since it's been a few days since the actual New Year.

This had better not lead to a makeout session.

Ooh. Nice catch.

Yuuya: “'re as cruel as ever, mon amie.”

I guess that makes Hiyoko his Bond Girl.

Clearly I don't share Hiyoko's definition of the word serious.

Yeah, that's only 90% of his character.

Hiyoko: “You third-years are all really busy, aren't you...”

Seriously. Open one drawer while the man's out, and leave it as it was. How tough is that?

Hiyoko: “So you're studying like crazy?”

Yuuya: “No. Let me give you a hint.”

Translation: He's been hanging around in the shadows and making sure Sakuya doesn't get into trouble. What a boss.

And as usual he makes some lame excuse before saying that yes, he really is studying.

She asks him where he plans to go. In typical Yuuya fashion, he tells her that it's a secret.

He's gonna get 17 degrees off of an internet university!

Now, Hiyoko, THAT'S what I'd consider a serious expression.

Hiyoko's hesitant – Yuuya has a habit of falling into this sort of depression at times, but it's so uncommon she has trouble responding to it.

She decides to go for simply cheering him up.

Hiyoko: “Sakuya and the doctor are always chewing you out, but you shouldn't let that get you down! Just do your thing and be yourself!”

Not too much pride, though. We don't want Yuuya turning into Sakuya any time soon.

Aww, how charming. Too bad foreign terrorists took Hiyoko hostage on the way home.


Next up is Nageki.

Like before, they've decided to wait a few days until things have died down before making their visit. I'm beginning to wonder if Hiyoko has a crippling fear of punctuality.

'Delicate' is not the phrase I would use to describe a ghost.

Anyway, I find it hard to believe Nageki's going to show up. Remember, he can't leave the library-

Oh. I guess if this area's non-canon it's reasonable for Nageki to be alive again.

So let's see what his human form looks li-



Hiyoko: “ sound like're Nageki, right?”

Right, Nageki. I know you don't get out much, but wearing a balaclava is not a part of first date etiquette.

Hiyoko Tosaka, paragon of morality.

Nageki: “...this thing really is weird, isn't it?”

I have seven, myself.

Hiyoko's enthusiasm rubs Nageki the wrong way, and eventually he takes the hood off.

Awww, but I wanted to destroy the 1%. :<

So we're going totally non-canon here. Kazuaki is alive, Nageki is alive, and Hiyoko isn't dropping dead from being in Nageki's general vicinity. I suppose being dead would make a New Year's visit slightly harder.

Unfortunately he doesn't actually have hands to use them on.

Hitori was so insistent on keeping his brother safe that Nageki had to insist to stop him coming along. Hiyoko comments that she honestly wouldn't mind mister Uzune's company.

Translation – he doesn't want his brother to be watching when you two start kissing.

Yeah, whatever. I've been to this goddamn shrine five times in the last week. A sixth can't really hurt.

And over here you have the pile of skulls the priest makes after purging the non-believers...

-At the shrine...-

Oh god more ghosts

Hiyoko: “Is this your first time visiting a shrine for New Year's, Nageki?”

He drew 'worst luck' from the fortune box, and things just went downhill from there.

Nageki: “...Is it okay to be that sloppy?”

Nageki: “...No.”

Hiyoko: “Then you can be as sloppy as you want!”

He considers Hiyoko a source of guidance.

He's doomed.

Now, let's toss some coins!


Not really, but after seeing Sakuya get so excited about throwing money at people I can't really help myself.

Here's a coin and a megaphone. Make me proud, Nageki.

There's a tiny clink as Nageki calmly throws his donation into the box.

You're no fun.

you realise we can't be friends anymore right

Friends that weren't batshit insane?


“Dear gods – can I be the patron saint of books yet?”

No, Hiyoko, that's just you.

She's still curious what he wished, but he's obviously not going to budge.

So now we're going to bribe him with food until he spills the goods. :D

As Hiyoko runs off ahead, Nageki mutters to himself.

“I wished--”

Seriously, Hitori. The man needs his personal space.

He smiled?




Bonus clip:

Yes, he wears the balaclava in birdie form too.



This time Hiyoko's just popping in for a visit since she happened to be in the area.

She can't even find room to get in and make an offering. She's having a bit of a lame time, all things considered.


And that's how Hiyoko's bad day got even worse.

Now that he's in a form that could reasonably hold a cleaver, I'm even more frightened of him than usual.

Even the gods have limits, Hiyoko.

Shuu: “No. I feel no need to plea with hypothetical gods for help, as I'm sure you know quite well.”


Hiyoko: “Um...why are you here, then?”

What, again?

Look, I can SORT of understand showing up expecting a corpse when there's been an explosion, but I have NO idea what your reasoning is here.

Who the hell told you that?
And more importantly, why did you listen to them?

Hiyoko: “Shrines are always crowded on New Year's! No-one's said anything about a corpse.”

If there isn't a corpse already here, he'll have to make one himself.

Shuu: “There is no real reason for me to stay, is there?”

She's so cold and lonely that she's willing to hang around with Shuu for company.

That weather must be goddamn awful.

Uh, is that a yes or a no?

the metaaaaaaaaa

Lock yourself in a freezer. The cold will be intimidated by the sub-zero temperatures and leave.





Damn right you are. >:(

Eventually Shuu agrees to hang around with her, but on one condition.

it's not worth it, hiyoko


And she's healthy for the most part, right? As long as none of her friends are carriers of a super-deadly human-killing disease, she'll be just dandy.

Hiyoko: “All right, sir! I promise!”

Gee, I wonder why.

Mine does too. It leaps out of my throat and runs away.

“And so I spent New Year's with a nonbelieving partridge.”

Fill out your life insurance forms, Hiyoko. Worst case scenario, your friends can sue Shuu for a fuckton of money when you die!


One birdie left, and it's a guy we haven't seen much of in Holiday Star.

This alone is a bit strange – given his obsession with crosses and angels, Hiyoko figured that Anghel was probably Catholic.

Keep in mind that Hiyoko is THINKING this, not saying it.

Conclusion: Anghel is a goddamn mind reader.

I count three different crosses on his person. Definitely a Shinto believer.

I'm guessing that this translates as 'they sell cross charms to people'.

Hiyoko: “...So how do other people usually refer to their job?”

Or not. Every time I think I've got a grip on what Anghel's talking about, something like this happens. =_=

Hiyoko: “Oh! I see!”

“Hey, honey! How was school? I left some fresh tuna for yo-”


My anime club meets in half an hour.

Silly Anghel. Bows aren't made for slashing.

Hiyoko: “But weren't we going to visit the shrine?”

There's a familiar flash as Anghel clutches at his chest.

Quit whining. If Shuu can walk into this place and not get atomised, I'm sure you can too.

He walks in, bravely preparing himself for an enemy that exists only in his own head.

So yeah, nothing out of the ordinary for a visual novel protagonist.

I mean if it's a legendary bow of awesome power it shouldn't be THAT hard to notice.

For the record – if you try to steal something, I have no idea who you are.

Hiyoko: “Hmm...searching a shrine for a sacred bow...”

Hamaya – a decorative arrow sold at New Year's as a good luck charm.

Anghel, one day we'll teach you to speak in the same language the rest of us.

[TL Note: “MY CRIMSON BREAST BURNS WITH THE WEIGHT OF MY SIN” means “I have indigestion”.]

Hiyoko thinks to herself that the shrine usually sells hamaya, but when she goes to the usual vendor-

Hiyoko: “Ah!”

please don't freak out
not in public

Oh goddamnit, please don't make a scene out of this.

Hiyoko: “Don't worry, Anghel! Maybe they'll be back in stock tomorrow?”



Also Hiyoko is one of the few people who speaks a decent level of Anghelese.

Hiyoko: “I'll come looking for hamaya with you whenever, if you want!”

We shall fight and die as brothers in our quest for holiday merchandise!

No, this is keeping a maniac from having a temper tantrum in public. There's a key difference.

What the game doesn't mention are the 5,000 armies Hiyoko and Anghel defeated off-screen.

That and maybe get you a doctor. You've been wearing that bandage over your eye for months now.

Hiyoko: “See you tomorrow, then!”


This had better not be the setup for an extremely corny pickup line.

Hiyoko: “Something? Like, uh...the winter cold?”

We normal people call that 'the sun'.

Smile and nod, Hiyoko. Smile and nod.

She wanted an Emerald Soul, but they were too expensive.


Does Anghel know that this continuity is non-canon? Because that...that's...oh woooooooow.


Sadly we never hear the specifics, because Anghel's route ends there. We're finally finished with the Shrine Visit side-chapter. Next time we'll look at the first of the radio shows, and then get back on track with the actual game.

NEXT TIME: New Year's Was Six Weeks Ago I'm Way Too Slow For This


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